Liberating Partner Testimonies

LP Testimonies
About the monthly teachings:
♦ We receive something wonderful in the mail every month; usually a teaching “hot off the press” of what God has spoken to Dale.                                        
 North Carolina
♦ They are a continuous “lifeline” to new and exciting insights, which have in turn opened doors for us to nurture other believers in our small local church.        
South Carolina
♦ It is fresh revelation with strong emphasis on God’s Word and clear teaching with cross references . . . answers to questions I had pondered for years.
North Carolina
♦ They are spirit-filled and divinely inspired and so pertinent to our lives today.
South Dakota 
♦ It is like a school of the Holy Spirit for me.
♦ Our family has received a huge amount of spiritual enlightenment.
♦ I wish I would have heard these teachings in Sunday school as a child! 
New Mexico
♦ The teachings have allowed revelation to explode in my spirit.
♦ I have learned how to minister with authority and power, how to recognize the Holy Spirit’s flowing, and how to hit the mark with effective blows.
♦ I am being equipped to use my spiritual weapons effectively.
About being in covenant relationship:
♦ This ministry is accessible. I have always felt the love, compassion and genuine concern from the staff when I have called.
♦ I enjoy so much the phone calls of wisdom, caring, and encouragement that I receive from you. Thanks for taking the time to pray for me.
♦ There is such an overwhelming outpouring of love from this ministry!
North Carolina
♦ I love the staff of LMCI just as much as I do my own local church family. I hold these brothers and sisters (the staff) dear to my heart; they are real people to me.
North Carolina
♦ Knowing I am in covenant with a general in the army of God is priceless.
♦ Thanks for caring enough to stay in touch.
♦ When I needed life-changing prayer, I picked up the phone (and called LMCI) and had someone pray with me. That staff person also followed up on me in the weeks after. As a partner, I know I am prayed for mightily on a regular basis.
North Carolina
♦ What a blessing to know that the prayer requests I send in with my monthly checks are being prayed over—that’s an added plus!
South Dakota
About the ministry of LMCI:
♦ Dr. Dale Sides is the real deal. He is a Braveheart-John Wayne-General George Patton-type leader whom I am proud to know. I heartily recommend this ministry to anyone who wants to join the fight.
♦ “Liberating Ministries for Christ” is a true statement about what your ministry does.
♦ Our connection with LMCI has provided us the opportunity to financially support and pray for a ministry that we believe is making truly significant inroads into the building up of the body of Christ.
South Carolina
♦ I completely know why you call your ministry “liberating” because that’s exactly what it is.  

Prison Outreach

The following letter was recently sent to Dale and the LMCI staff by one of our Liberating Partners who is currently incarcerated. (A few editorial changes have been made to protect the identity of those involved.) This is not the first letter we have received from someone behind bars who is able to reach out to others with words of life. What a testimony of God continuing to work in a believer's life to will and to do of His good pleasure—even in less-than-ideal environments!

God bless you Dale, Vicki, and everyone at LMCI, 

I am writing to share with you the wonderful blessings God and Jesus have bestowed upon me. I also want to thank you, Dale, for your teachings. You have been used by God to save my life and I thank and pray to God for you and LMCI everyday. 

As you know, [my brother] and I have been proclaiming God’s Word for some time. It started with just the imprecatory psalms but it has expanded into so much more. I don’t tell you this to brag but to bless you—you taught me. I have been here in jail since September and I read my proclamation daily. It includes putting on my armor, sacrifice of praise, Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians (Ephesians 1:17–23 and 3:14–21) for you and everyone on my prayer list, and, of course, many psalms. I have been taking a Bible course through Forgotten Man Ministries and also studying Romans and Hebrews. God is so awesome. As I was studying Romans, I received from [my brother] a Romans chapter 8 New Living Translation in a personalized format from LMCI. Wow, it is great! Praise God.

I have, through [my brother], ordered 10 copies of Perfect Redemption. I am having them sent to the jail preacher. One of my ministries is to distribute your books and I’m starting here. The guys here are good people. I have found they are craving God but have been too afraid to admit it or don’t know that it’s Jesus knocking. Part of my prayers is for open opportunities to speak God’s Word. Everyone sees me praying all the time (even when I’m working), and they come to me with their questions. I am so blessed because God always gives me the answers. One guy was upset because he said they screwed up his “out date.” God told me to go over and pray with him. I did, and two days later they called him and said they made a mistake. He ran all over the jail and proclaimed that [my] God works. I cry just thinking about it. God is so awesome.

I will admit I was stunned and very hurt to be sent to jail. But I decided that I would trust God. After what Jesus did for me and all of your teaching on spiritual warfare, I knew that God would protect me. Well not only has He protected me, He has taught me so much more than I would have learned on the outside.

I am so blessed. I wish I was a good writer so I could express it better. I thank everyone for being my brothers and sisters in Christ.

God bless.