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1 aquarius.jpg aquarius aquarius

Aquarius (the water urn) - He is the one pouring out the blessings on the redeemed.

The Blessings Ensured
Water bearer with poured-out urn at belly level
Blessings of redemption poured out
Coming of Holy Spirit
Rivers of living water
Great spiritual ability
Affinity for the energizing of the Holy Spirit
Piscis Australis—blessings bestowed
Pegasus—blessings coming quickly
Cygnus—blesser surely returning

Aquarius, the water bearer with the poured-out urn often pictured at belly level, could be indicative of the coming of the Holy Spirit. Jesus referenced this when He said, “out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.” This constellation indicates great spiritual ability—an affinity for the energizing of the Holy Spirit.

2 aries.jpg aries aries

Aries (the ram) - He is the Ram of God, redeeming through His sacrificial blood, which was shed as the Passover Lamb.

Their Blessings Consummated and Enjoyed
Ram of God
Lamb slain but now living evermore
Coming King after His sacrifice
Kingdom taker
Attitude of fighting for others
Sacrificial leadership
Leads with love and encouragement
Cassiopeia—true church bride
Cetus—Satan bound
Perseus—breaker; deliverer

Aries is the ram of God—not one dying in sacrifice but one full of vigor—representing the coming King after His sacrifice. It is indicative of a kingdom-taking trait, with the three decans in this grouping showing an attitude of fighting for others and a sacrificial type of leadership, rather than one who leads from the front. An Aries, although not always the one in charge, leads with love and encouragement.

3 cancer.jpg cancer cancer

Cancer (the crab) - He is shown as the One holding onto the inheritance of the redeemed.

Messiah’s Redeemed Possessions
Crab: possessions held fast
Tenacity to hold on to the faith
Tenacious pursuer of the kingdom of God
Door—Jesus as Shepherd
Door of sheep
Great love for others
Strong pastoral heart of service
Ursa Minor—Jews; sheepfold
Ursa Major—Gentiles; Gate of sheepfold, closing
Argo—blessed homecoming

Cancer the crab symbolically shows tenacity to hold on to the faith. This constellation is also symbolized as a sheepfold, which shows Jesus as the Shepherd—the door of the sheep. This indicates a great love for others and a strong pastoral heart of service. This can also show a great heart for pressing into the kingdom of God (Philippians 3:14)—a tenacious pursuer.

4 capricorn.jpg capricorn capricorn

Capricorn (the goat) - He is the slain goat, as the scapegoat of redemption.

The Blessings Procured
Dying goat and living fish
Sacrificial lifestyle and love for others
Coming back after defeat
Resurrection and new life
Loyalty to others
Strong friendship
Sagitta—arrow of God sent forth
Aquila—the smitten one falling
Delphinus—the dead one rising again

Capricorn, being the symbol of a dying goat in one half and a living fish in the other half, shows a sacrificial lifestyle and a love for others. The fish shows the trait of coming back after defeat or a resurrection. The goat profiles the biblical scapegoat, which indicates loyalty to others, strong friendship, and sacrificial love.

5 gemini.jpg gemini gemini

Gemini (the twins) - He is the triumphant Redeemer coming twice, once as a sacrifice and next as the King.

Messiah’s Reign as Prince of Peace
Twins: Redeemer & King
Son & God
Jew & Gentile
Bride & Bridegroom
Balanced life
Practical in judgment; judicious in decision making
Struggle to dominate carnal
Lepus—enemy trod underfoot
Canis Major—coming Prince
Canis Minor—coming Redeemer

Gemini is represented symbolically by twins, one being a worshipper and the other a warrior. It reveals the image of Yeshua in a balanced life, not being too extreme but practical in judgment and judicious in decision making. It may also indicate a struggle for the spiritual mind to dominate over the carnal mind.

Castor and Pollux, the principal stars of Gemini, are in the heads of the twins. The one higher above the ecliptic is Castor, which means the ruler or king. The lower star, Pollux, means the sufferer. Locations of planets in proximity to these show inclinations toward that persuasion. This also shows balance between being redeemer-minded and kingly-minded.

6 leo.jpg leo leo

Leo (the lion) - He is the coming King to establish the kingdom He purchased with His own blood.

Messiah’s Consummated Triumph
Triumphant Lion of Judah
Claims victory
Leadership is bold and assertive
Strong personality
Apostolic attitude
Strong in resolve
Hydra—serpent destroyed
Crater—cup of wrath
Corvus—bird of prey devouring the serpent

Leo is the lion of the tribe of Judah, which shows leadership, a strong personality, and an apostolic attitude. These are the character traits of being an out-in-front leader. They are bold and assertive.

7 libra.jpg libra libra

Libra (the scales) - He is the price paid for redemption in the scales of justice

Redeemer’s Atoning Work
Scales: Christ on one side; sin on the other
Purchase price paid
Redemptive, sacrificial
Black-and-white judgments
Ancient zodiac depicts an altar
Gifting of discernment
Decans: Crux—cross endured (suffering)
Lupus/Victima— victim slain
Corona—crown bestowed

Libra is the figure of the scales, symbolizing both the redemptive and sacrificial natures of the Messiah (with Christ on one side of the scales and our sins on the other). Libra reveals the character traits of judgment and discernment and may indicate tendencies towards black-and-white judgments with little room for gray. This individual may have a gifting of discernment.

8 pisces.jpg pisces pisces

Pisces (the fishes) - He is the Redeemer of both Jews and Gentiles, tied together by the band of His sacrifice for all.

Their Blessings in Abeyance
Two fishes connected by a band
Shows relationship: Vertical band and fish—toward God; Horizontal band and fish—toward people
Great giftings from God that must be developed
Strong evangelistic tendencies
The Band—warriors
Andromeda—the chained woman
Cepheus—crowned king

Pisces is represented by two fishes connected by a band; one fish is pointing up (north), and the other is flowing horizontally with the ecliptic path of the Sun. Pisces shows abundance and usually great giftings that must be developed in order to bless and help others. It may also indicate strong evangelistic tendencies. The relationship of the band vertically indicates relationship to the Creator; the horizontal band flowing with the ecliptic shows relationship with people.

9 sagittarius.jpg sagittarius sagittarius

Sagittarius (the archer) - He is the victorious King returning after being wounded.

Redeemer’s Triumph
Jesus returns—archer on a white horse
Winning attitude despite circumstances
Kingdom taker
Aggressive nature
Strong finisher in end
Apostolic message
Lyra—harp (high praise)
Ara—altar; consuming fire prepared for His enemies
Draco—serpent cast down

Sagittarius, the archer on the white horse, reveals a winning attitude, despite circumstances. It is indicative of warrior-like, kingdom-taker character traits, revealing Messiah’s aggressive nature as a strong finisher in the end. Sagittarius carries an apostolic message.

10 scorpio.jpg scorpio scorpio

Scorpio (the scorpion) - He is the wounded Redeemer (wounded by the enemy)

Redeemer’s Conflict
Most violent
Victory through conflict
Strong will to win
Victorious after being wounded
Strong prophetic gifting
Decans: Serpens—the struggle with the serpent (warfare)
Ophiuchus—Jesus holds Satan (warfare)
Hercules—Jesus wounded in heel but takes head off Satan

Scorpio is the figure of the scorpion with the conqueror’s (Ophiuchus’) foot on its heart. It is the most violent position in the ecliptic path and shows victory through conflict. This shows tenacity, a strong will to win, and being victorious after being wounded, especially since Hercules is included as a decan in this grouping of constellations. It may also reveal a strong prophetic gifting.

11 taurus.jpg taurus taurus

Taurus (the bull) - He is the blood of the bull, as a profile of Old Testament offerings for redemption.

Coming Messiah
Judge of all Earth
Charging bull
Great determination and strong will
Purpose driven
Dedicated to finishing the fight
Protective of others
Eridanus—river of the judge
Auriga—shepherd protecting his people

Taurus is the figure of a charging bull, indicative of great determination and a strong will. This kind of determination was demonstrated Christologically by His dedication to finish the fight at Calvary. These stand strong in the Lord (Ephesians 6:10).

12 virgo.jpg virgo virgo

Virgo (the virgin)—Christ is the promised Seed of the woman.

Redeemer as Promised Seed
Woman bringing forth Redeemer (with child)
Kingdom builder
Individual works outside the nine dots of conformity
Looking for better way of doing things
Decans: Coma—birth of desired Son
Centaurus—victim slain
Bootes—the coming one

Virgo is the figure of the woman who would bring forth the Redeemer. It is the first constellation in the ecliptic path and indicates the image of Messiah as a kingdom builder and visionary. Its positioning as the first constellation also shows the character trait of initiation, often indicative of an individual who operates outside the nine dots of conformity. This person is usually looking for a better way of doing things instead of sticking with the status quo.