40 Days of Communion in Your Home

A powerful primer to aid individuals and families in receiving the full benefits available through partaking of the Lord's Supper. Featuring daily Bible verses accompanied by short devotional passages, this booklet is designed to strengthen the reality of covenant living in your home and to enhance your intimacy with the Lord.

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Abaddon (a.k.a. Apollyon)
Dr Dale has unraveled another Bible mystery in uncovering the secret of Abaddon. By comparing scriptures with apocryphal records, he has discovered the identity, inhabitants, and the prophesied opening of this ancient prison, as well as hints of its location. Learn about this pit and the authority you have over the evil that will be loosed out of it. More importantly, discover how those who are here during the Great Tribulation can be protected from its inhabitants.

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Approved of God—by Grace or by Works?

No question could be more highly charged than, "How do you show yourself approved unto God?" The answer is so vital and volatile that a full understanding of the Scriptures must be searched out. Regarding salvation, this booklet concentrates on the topic of being approved of God by grace and/or by works, according to His Most Holy Word.

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Closing Gates of Hell

No subject is as crucial in strategic level spiritual warfare than identifying and closing gates of hell. Jesus gave authority to the church to build the kingdom of God on the earth—including the authority to close these gates. When we operate in this manner we "blow up the communication system" of demons and wicked spirits from the heavenlies, which sows confusion and chaos into the kingdom of darkness. The truths revealed in this study are destined to become fundamental spiritual mapping strategies to help the church prevail over the evil kingdom and build the kingdom of God on the earth!

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Diverse Kinds of Tongues

Delve into questions that have puzzled the church for centuries—What is speaking in tongues all about? Is diverse kinds of tongues the same as prayer in the Spirit? What role does diverse kinds of tongues play in the ministry of intercession?—Be prepared to see your prayer life brought to a much higher level as you glean the truths in this timely book. (Also in Spanish)

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Exposing Sons of Belial:
Identifying and Overcoming Children of the Devil

Sons and daughters of Belial are dedicated, committed children of the devil, traceable throughout the Bible like a black thread that interweaves wickedness, destruction, and intended evil. Identifying and exposing them are among the highest priorities for intercessors and warriors of the spirit realm in these latter days, and one of the church's primary responsibilities is to stand in the way of their wicked schemes. In this study, discover the identifying traits of sons of Belial and a powerful revelation of how to pray against them!

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Flowing in All Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit gives every Christian nine gifts of spiritual power in order to produce exactly the manifestation needed, according to His will. Learn how to flow in all of these nine gifts to be a more effective witness and minister of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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I Ain't Takin' Acid Anymore

A simple nutritional study that will yield long-lasting results and greater vitality for those who apply its truths. The regimen of acidic foods in the American diet is one of the major causes of many life-threatening issues as well as obesity in our society. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis are at an all-time high due to ignorance of the basic nutritional principle contained within this study.

Learning the proper balance and quality of alkaline and acidic foods will help safeguard you and your family against many of the feared diseases that are plaguing us. Learn which foods are causing the most damage to your body and which foods can reverse the trend.

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Studying War: They Continually Gather Together for War

Warmongers really do exist, and their methods and schemes even go far beyond instigating wars. The Bible clearly identifies these children of darkness who line their pockets with blood money. In Studying War (the sequel to Exposing Sons of Belial), discover how these evildoers, with their goal of world domination and control, are unwittingly fulfilling end-time biblical prophecy. What the warmongers have meant for harm, God (Yahweh) can use to usher in His end-time plans.

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The Anointing In and On

Many Christians are confused about the work of the Holy Spirit. What does it mean to have the abiding, indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit? How does that differ from the Holy Spirit coming upon someone to accomplish His will on the earth? What is the believer's responsibility when the Holy Spirit moves? These questions and others are answered through the detailed, yet concise, documentation of God's Word.

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The Cancer Answer
Cancer is killing hundreds of thousands of people yearly in the USA alone, and the so-called science of cancer care (by medicine or other means) is oftentimes robbing its victims of their fortunes as they desperately seek to prolong thier lives. Yet Dr. Otto Warburg, the 1931 Nobel Prize winner in the Medicine-or-Physiology category, already discovered the cause and cure for this deadly killer by his research in the 20th century. The Cancer Answer plainly and simply discloses Dr. Warburg's discovery, revealing daily solutions to help prevent this disease from invading and destroying our lives. Don't be a victim of ignorance and deception. Learn the answer that can save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

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The History and Truth of the Zodiac

Do you want to know the truth that charlatans, fortune tellers, and astrologers have perverted and hidden? The Zodiac is made up of pictures and symbols representing the promised Messiah. Each constellation, star, and planet speaks of Him. Mythology and astro-divination have hidden the true Astrologos. Learn the ancient secrets of the Magi. View a representation of the most accurate Zodiac since the time of Noah. Discover what the heavens really say about you.

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The Ministry of Liberality

Our Lord Jesus Christ was very direct regarding His exhortations to wealthy people. Learn of the scriptural cautions and consequences of improperly utilizing the ministry of liberality. Realize the pivotal position that ministers of liberality have in this world and glean from the wisdom of righteous rich men in the scriptures. Discover four keys to apply to unlock the entrance into the 1000-year reign with Jesus on the earth.

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The Satanic Deception of Knife & Fork

Statistics tell us that nine in ten Americans will die due to diseases caused by dietary deficiencies and deception. The thief (Satan) has come to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10), and he has stolen our knowledge of nutrition in order to ultimately destroy our spiritual destinies. Poisoning is a very effective strategy in warfare, especially when the victims like the taste of it, are ignorantly eating it, and are feeding it to their children and friends. Don't be a casualty of war; learn how to be free of this Satanic deception. You have a destiny and only one physical body in which you can accomplish it. Determine to run your course to the end and carry out your God-given purpose!

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The Three Doctrines of Damnation

The Lord is looking for a pure and holy Bride. Jesus warns, in the book of Revelation, of three specific doctrines of damnation that have permeated His church—the doctrines of the Nicolaitans, Balaam and Jezebel. This booklet explores the truths set forth by the Teacher, Jesus Christ, and explains both what to watch for and to pray for that we may be presented holy and blameless to our Bridegroom in that great and awesome Day of the Lord.

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True Confessions of Spiritual Warriors

When you hear the term "true confessions" you think about choice tidbits of juicy, basically unknown information from a person in the know regarding what is going on behind the scenes. That is exactly what this booklet is about. These testimonies from the great cloud of witnesses are full of insights and lessons to learn. They are not meant to be doctrinal assertions, but a different way to couch truth and offer wisdom into the deeper things of spiritual warfare. They are by no means "a word" from these great men and women of the Bible, but personified insights to help us all become better soldiers for the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Turning Churches into Armies

Most Christians know Jesus the Shepherd, but how many know Him as Yeshua the Warrior? The Holy Spirit is calling the church to WAR. The time has come for us to transform from passive sheep into bold soldiers of Yeshua the Warrior—to shed our wool and put on the whole armor of God. If we are going to take our cities, states, and countries for the Lord Jesus Christ, we must unleash the warrior inside us and exercise our spiritual authority to carry out the Great Commission of discipling the nations! This "field manual" offers practical instruction for pastors, church leaders, and other members of the body of Christ on how to turn your church into a mobilized army of the Lord, changing the spiritual atmosphere of your city and boldly rescuing the prisoners of darkness.

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Understanding & Breaking the Schemes of the Devil

This booklet reveals the mysteries behind your recurring problems and offers the keys that are needed to be set free and to STAY that way! Learn how the scheme was developed and how to avoid it in the future.

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Where Do You Go When You Die?

Few questions are more important or more emotionally charged than, "Where do you go when you die?"

This booklet examines the Scriptures and other ancient texts to discover where the spirit of man goes after the demise of its physical body. The ancient book of Enoch agrees with the Bible while offering more specifics of the places a departed spirit can go. Will your destination be Paradise, where righteousness reigns? Or will it be among the deep recesses of Sheol (Hell), where darkness and separation from God is guaranteed?

Do not wait to discover your eternal fate. Find out now the choices you have for your eternal destination. Learn how the decision you make on this earth will determine which place will be yours.

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Who Do You Think You Are?

Does the image you hold of yourself line up with the truth of who God has made you to be? This is not a self-help book filled with cheap psychological tricks; instead, it is a Bible-based book to help build your confidence in what the Creator thinks and says about you.

Discover the person God made you to be and walk in confidence and true boldness. Love yourself the way God loves you; change the way you think about yourself.



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