DVD Class Sets

Christological Astronomy

The heavens are like a scroll written by the hand of God, uttering speech and revealing knowledge. They declare the glory of God in a coming Redeemer and King (Jesus Christ), which is why this DVD set is entitled Christological Astronomy.

In these DVDs, you will learn the ancient art of reading celestial revelation and the keys to unlocking the mysteries it has for you. This is not astrology but the revelation that the Creator of the heavens and earth sent to His people long before the written Scriptures. You can have this understanding now, gain a fresh outlook of the heavens and its age-old revelation from the Bible, and establish and strengthen your faith in the principles and promises of our returning Redeemer and coming King. Be awed at the greatness and yet simplicity of this truth written in the skies above us (Psalm 19:1–3)! 3-session DVD series

Item Number: DVD05 Price: $50.00

Exercising Spiritual Authority for Yourself and Your Ministry

This DVD set focuses on exercising the spiritual authority that we have been given as disciples to carry out our God-given ministries. Powerful, equipping sessions on God’s Sovereignty, The Authority of a Disciple, The Regenerated Spirit, Your Purpose and Your Ministry, ESA over Sickness and Disease, ESA over Your Finances, Defending Your Perimeter and Expanding Your Territory, plus many more will help you to strengthen your walk in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and dynamically heighten the exercising of your spiritual authority to make full proof of your ministry. 16-session DVD series + CD syllabus

Item Number: DVD01 Price: $200.00

Exercising Spiritual Authority: Level 1

Exercising Spiritual Authority (ESA) has the potential to jump-start you out of passivity and into spiritual action. Each of these 12 half-hour sessions covers an aspect of the authority given to every believer by our Lord Jesus Christ. This powerful class is saturated with biblical truths to build your faith in who you are in Christ and what you can accomplish through the power of the Holy Spirit within you. Allow the Holy Spirit to enlighten your heart through ESA to reveal your identity, power, and purpose in Christ—ultimately causing "the works that Jesus did" to change from something you've only read about to something that you do! 4-session DVD series + CD syllabus & leaders guide for group study

Item Number: DVD04 Price: $95.00

Fit for the Kingdom

This 5-hour presentation by Dr. Dale Sides and Dr. Frank Sabatino is packed with solid principles and supporting evidence for making informed lifestyle decisions designed to improve your health and vitality as well as to resourcefully manage weight and obesity issues. Dr. Dale's heart is to educate spiritual warriors to stay healthy in their spirit, soul, and body so they can stay in the fight. Dr. Frank's heart is to reveal compassionate methods to attain and maintain weight loss for life. This equipping series not only offers powerful knowledge, but also practical ways to implement that knowledge on a daily basis. The class includes a syllabus for continued study, which also makes it a great tool for small group fellowships!  5-session DVD series + CD syllabus  

Item Number: DVD06 Price: $75.00

Interpretation of Tongues - DVD class

Interpretation of tongues, perhaps the least known gift of the Holy Spirit, is the foundation for learning how to hear and understand God's voice. Are you able to distinguish the voice of God from your own thoughts? Do you know what to do next when the Holy Spirit comes upon you through speaking in tongues?

This DVD set covers these topics and more. It also provides practical and biblical insight in answering controversial questions such as, "What tongues should be interpreted?" "Is it appropriate to interpret tongues in the church? In your private prayer life?" "Who gives the interpretation—the speaker or someone else?"

Expand your knowledge and sharpen your skills through the engaging sessions and activation exercises of this Interpretation of Tongues DVD set! 3-session DVD series + CD syllabus 


Item Number: DVD07 Price: $50.00

Mending Cracks in the Soul - DVD class

God does not want our past to prevent us from moving into our future! Yet many times the pain from our past leaves us with such deep cracks in our souls that we are not able to become all we could. So how can the Christian who is shackled to his or her past enjoy true freedom? In this DVD-set, Dr. Dale masterfully reveals how the Holy Spirit can bring healing to painful experiences of the past, remove the roots of dysfunction, and mend the cracks in our souls. Drawing from both the Scriptures and experience, this class is an invaluable resource to those seeking freedom and to those who minister healing. 3-session DVD series + CD syllabus

Item Number: DVD08 Price: $50.00

Perfect Redemption

Jesus bled seven ways . . . how can blood shed 2,000 years ago deliver us now? Jesus Christ suffered for a reason—to redeem us. He bled seven different ways to free us from bondage, break off curses, and empower us for a life of victory. This comprehensive and practical DVD set shows you how to receive the total freedom that is available to all believers through the blood of Jesus. Learn the purpose for His passion. Discover your rights—Jesus paid for them with His own blood. Firmly lay hold of your perfect redemption! 6-session DVD series + CD syllabus + Perfect Redemption book

Item Number: DVD03 Price: $85.00

The Gospel of the Kingdom

The Bible clearly declares that Jesus Christ will return to reign as King for 1,000 years on the earth. Will you find a place of honor in His kingdom, or will you miss it? What you do today determines the answer to that question. Rulership with Jesus is part of the inheritance that God wants to give to His children who have been diligent about their Father’s business, building up His kingdom. Your entire life is a qualifying round for the millennial kingdom of Christ and will determine your position in it. Don’t miss out! Discover motivating truths from the Bible about the gospel of the kingdom and learn how to prepare for reigning with Him in His glory. The study guide in this DVD set is perfect for individual or group study! 8-session DVD series + CD study guide + 1,000 Year Reign of Jesus Christ on the Earth book

Item Number: DVD02 Price: $110.00