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Christological Astronomy

The heavens are like a scroll written by the hand of God, uttering speech and revealing knowledge. They declare the glory of God in a coming Redeemer and King (Jesus Christ), which is why this CD series is entitled Christological Astronomy.

Learn the ancient art of reading celestial revelation and the keys to unlocking the mysteries it has for you. This is not astrology but the revelation that the Creator of the heavens and earth sent to His people long before the written Scriptures. You can have this understanding now, gain a fresh outlook of the heavens and its age-old revelation from the Bible, and establish and strengthen your faith in the principles and promises of our returning Redeemer and coming King. Be awed at the greatness and yet simplicity of this truth written in the skies above us (Psalm 19:1–3)! 4-session CD series

Item Number: CDA19 Price: $35.00

Covenant Healing in Communion

Experience a new and refreshing revelation about the covenant rights for healing in Holy Communion that are promised to children of God. This teaching discloses how to properly prepare to receive Communion and discern the Lord's body, how to apply the blood of Jesus in the seven ways He bled, and how to confess the covenant promises to obtain the healing availed in the atonement. Also included is a powerful 40-day devotional booklet for taking Communion in your home. 4-session CD series + booklet

Item Number: CDA05 Price: $40.00

Developing Your Spiritual Sensitivity

Do people ever come to you with their questions about spiritual matters? Do you yearn to enhance your spiritual awareness and perception? Do you ever wonder if your conscience is a reliable moral guide? Explore these questions and more through teachings such as Understanding Spirit, Soul, and Body; Keys to Entering the Spirit Realm; Worship—Your Relationship with God; Being Spirit-Minded, and Consider What the Spirit is Saying. These extensive topics and others are geared to enhance your spiritual perception. 12-session CD series + CD syllabus

Item Number: CDA15 Price: $97.00

Discerning of Spirits and Casting Out Demons

What greater way to show forth the superiority of the kingdom of God over the kingdom of darkness than by discerning spirits and casting out demons? This class provides practical instruction on how to exercise authority over demons in your own life and how to help others be set free as well. A live recording of a mass deliverance session is included to build your faith and understanding of this powerful gift. Walk in the freedom and authority that Jesus promised and purchased with His own blood. 9-session CD series + CD syllabus

Item Number: CDA14 Price: $75.00

Exercising Spiritual Authority for Yourself & Your Ministry

This CD set focuses on exercising the spiritual authority that we have been given as disciples to carry out our God-given ministries. Powerful, equipping sessions on God’s Sovereignty, The Authority of a Disciple, The Regenerated Spirit, Your Purpose and Your Ministry, ESA over Sickness and Disease, ESA over Your Finances, Defending Your Perimeter and Expanding Your Territory are only a few of the many practical teachings designed to strengthen your walk in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and heighten the exercising of your spiritual authority to make full proof of your ministry. 16-session CD series + CD syllabus

Item Number: CDA06 Price: $125.00

Exercising Spiritual Authority over Principalities & Powers

Highly recommended for those desiring to learn how to walk in their full spiritual authority to take their cities for God. Empowering teachings such as Our Call to Arms, The Arena of Warfare, Knowing the Enemy, The Weapons of Our Warfare, Warfare Strategies, and Engaging the Enemy will help equip you to break the evil kingdom’s grip off of your city. 12-session CD series + CD syllabus

Item Number: CDA25 Price: $97.00

Exercising Spiritual Authority: Level 3

Exercising Spiritual Authority: Level 3 is a call to arms. It is not a Christian retreat. It is a spiritual advance upon the enemy to reclaim stolen ground. ESA reveals the enemy's true colors and opens the believer's arsenal of weapons against him. Based solidly on the Bible, this 33-CD set deals with the power of God given to all born-again believers and the knowledge of how to use that power to effectively wage war on our enemy, the devil. Discover the authority that Jesus gave you over the evil spirit kingdom. Learn the proclamation of authority, a missing weapon in the life of many Christians. Experience all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit flowing in your life. 33-session CD series + CD syllabus 


Item Number: CDA23 Price: $250.00

Fellowship with Jesus Christ (Vicki Sides)

The purpose of a building's cornerstone is to bring a true measure of integrity to the whole structure. In this series, Vicki Sides magnificently reveals the hows and whys of developing an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, making Him the True Cornerstone of our lives. Vicki's teachings include The Preeminence of Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ—the Head of the Church, Blameless Before Him at His Coming, The Glory of the Lord, and more. 5-session CD series

Item Number: CDA22 Price: $42.00

Foundations of Faith

Want to revolutionize your spiritual walk and enter the realm of the miraculous? This practical series provides understanding of the different kinds of faith, teaches the great mystery of unlocking the faith of the Holy Spirit, and can help you build your faith to walk in power like never before. 12-session CD series + CD syllabus

Item Number: CDA16 Price: $97.00

How to R.E.A.D. and S.T.U.D.Y. the Bible

An innovative, simple and fun way to learn the Word of God. This series is set in a relaxed atmosphere designed to make studying the Bible fun. Clever use of acronyms helps the listener remember the key points of instruction. Learn how to enjoy the riches of treasures hidden in the Bible, “For it is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter” (Prov. 25:2). 4-session CD series + CD notes

Item Number: CDA21 Price: $28.00

Interpretation of Tongues Class

Building upon a foundation of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, speaking in a tongue, and diverse kinds of tongues, this CD set then delves into the "meat" of interpretation of tongues through dynamic biblical instruction and hands-on practice groups. This revolutionary class teaches how interpretation of tongues can be a steppingstone to prophecy and revelation. It also differentiates between the gift and the ministry of interpretation of tongues, and instructs believers in its utilization within their private lives as well as within the church. 6-session CD series + CD syllabus

Item Number: CDA20 Price: $50.00

Mending Cracks in the Soul

This CD set embraces the subject matter of memory healing and "curing the brokenhearted." God does not want our past to prevent us from moving into our future! Discover what causes a crack (wound), where the wound is located, and how to aply the two-part remedy to effect complete inner healing from the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. 3-session CD series + CD notes

Item Number: CDA07 Price: $28.00

New Creation Realities

As born-again Christ followers, what are the new creation realities that give us the potential to look and act like Christ? How can we get to the point where we really believe those truths and walk them out? How can we be free from sin consciousness and live in the confidence of who He has made us to be? This series answers those questions and more. If you want to live above the plane of the flesh and really be free in the Spirit, this teaching series is for you! 3-session CD series + CD notes

Item Number: CDA13 Price: $28.00

Perfect Redemption

Most Christians know more about the blood of Jesus through songs we have sung and movies we have seen, than through the Bible we have read. Isn't it time to take a closer look for ourselves? Jesus Christ suffered for a reason—to redeem us. He bled seven different ways to free us from bondage, break off curses, and empower us for a life of victory. Learn the purpose for His passion. Discover your rights—Jesus paid for them with His own blood. Claim your perfect redemption! 6-session CD series + CD syllabus

Item Number: CDA09 Price: $54.00

Realizing & Fulfilling Your Personal Ministry

Discover God's purpose in your life and your potential for service to the body of Christ through revealing scriptures, personal questionnaires, and in-depth research. Then learn dynamic practical keys to better develop the abilities God has given you to fulfill your ministry and to faithfully steward your gifts. 5-session CD series + CD syllabus

Item Number: CDA01 Price: $47.00

Sons of Belial

This eye-opening presentation reveals the hidden agenda of the devil's kingdom and his inner workings with flesh and blood people. Part 1 is concerned with identifying sons of Belial in every strata of society. Part 2 provides biblical methods to unravel and overcome their wicked schemes. Learn how to pray effectively against sons of Belial and their plans, and discover some startling truths about secret societies in which they dwell. 2-session CD series

Item Number: CDA03 Price: $20.00

Spirit, Soul, and Body: Saving the Whole Man

Man is made in the likeness of the Godhead in that he is a three-part being: spirit, soul, and body. This CD set (formerly titled "The Salvations of Man") explores the little-known truth that each part of man is saved in a different way. Learn how to distinguish between these three parts and see from the Scriptures how salvation comes to each. Whether you are new to the Christian faith or a seasoned disciple, this study will challenge and inspire you to live in such a way that you can appropriate the salvation of your whole being and the heavenly rewards that await you. 20-session CD series + CD syllabus

Item Number: CDA12 Price: $150.00

Spiritual Authority

"Kingdom Enforcers" and "In the Name of Jesus Christ" couple with Exercising Spiritual Authority teachings to reveal man's vital position of authority in commanding God's will to come to pass on earth. 5-session CD series + CD notes

Item Number: CDA10 Price: $42.00

Spiritual Boot Camp

No-nonsense teachings provide a hard-hitting examination of what it takes to be a soldier for the Lord. Spiritual training includes keys on how to recognize an attack, how to respond to one, plus the attitude necessary to finish the fight. 5-session CD series + CD notes

Item Number: CDA11 Price: $42.00

Teachers Practicum
The Christian arena is flooded with materials that specialize in preaching, but what sets this CD series apart is that it presents the “how” of the art of teaching. Discover the different kinds of teachings, how to research your topic, how to arrange your material, simple keys of effective communication, and practical exercises to hone your teaching skills. The lessons in this practicum were tried and tested by a group of ministers that Dale M. Sides worked with in India for close to a 10-year span. Now it’s your turn to enhance your teaching skills and increase the effectiveness of your communication with the secrets of Teachers Practicum! 6-session CD series + CD syllabus

Item Number: CDA18 Price: $42.00

The Gospel of the Kingdom

Discover motivating truths about the millennial kingdom and the coming 1,000-year reign of Jesus Christ on the earth. Your entire life is a qualifying round for the millennial kingdom of Christ and will determine your position in it. Rulership with Jesus is part of the inheritance that God wants to bestow upon His children who have been diligent about their heavenly Father’s business. Learn how to prepare for reigning with Him in His glory! 8-session CD series + CD syllabus

Item Number: CDA08 Price: $69.00

The Heart of Giving

How does God define generosity? What does it mean to be biblically generous? Learn the different types of giving and the motivation behind each. This thought-provoking series can revolutionize your giving to reflect His image. Eye-opening truths challenge you to purposely unleash the blessing of God for His people. 2-session CD series

Item Number: CDA02 Price: $20.00

The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus

In Old Testament times, the law of God was written on tables of stone; but today, the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus is written in our hearts! Gain a thorough understanding of the liberating benefits of this new, living law. Study the new nature, Romans 7 and 8, and the two laws of the inward government to subdue your flesh, to take charge of your mind, and to more adeptly respond to the Spirit of God in your life. Experience the walk of true liberty as the Holy Spirit leads you from the inside out! 3-session CD series + CD notes

Item Number: CDA17 Price: $28.00

Understanding & Breaking the Schemes of the Devil

A powerful and equipping series that can change your life! Discover and identify the particular scheme that the devil has perpetrated against you personally. Then, armed with solid biblical and practical understanding of how the scheme works, learn how to break that scheme with the sword of the Spirit. 4-session CD series + notes

Item Number: CDA04 Price: $35.00

Victory over Iniquity

Jesus warned that in the end times, iniquity would abound and the love of many would wax cold (Matthew 24:12). Generational iniquities form the root of sin and transgressions that have plagued mankind throughout history. This teaching series covers the four basic iniquities of fear, lust, anger, and pride, and how to conquer them. All of us have been afflicted by at least one of these iniquities and need God's help to overcome them. All four iniquities are weaknesses that can allow demonic entry into people’s souls, and thus we must diligently guard against them at all times. Victory over Iniquity provides scriptural insight and practical keys to conquer these generational iniquities and to walk in the freedom that Jesus accomplished for us. It’s time we understand how to rise victoriously over these generational corruptors. Claim your victory over iniquity! 6-session CD series + CD notes

Item Number: CDA26 Price: $28.00

Yahweh—The Sacred Name of God (Vicki Sides)

Vicki Sides reveals the power of an intimate relationship with God through the use of His sacred name, Yahweh. Details are examined as to how His name was obscured and lost over the centuries. God’s desire is for us to call upon His name this very day. Learn how! 2-session CD series

Item Number: CDA24 Price: $20.00